Life is good in LA
by ChewyY
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Southwest Airlines


For our Austin trip, we did some research on different airlines and decided to fly
with Southwest Airlines via El Paso which was the shortest fight. Other ones
we would have had to fly up to Denver for transit etc. and I didn't like that.
I had never flown Southwest before and had no expectation...


Their in-cabin announcements were so funny! Those crew members, many of
them in their fifties, dressed with polo shirts, shorts and sneakers give very
casual talk with full of jokes that cracked us up. It was like Disneyland's Jungle
Cruise boat rides. Cutting edge, but I love this kind of attitude. Here are some
good ones I remember. Their new 'LUV heart' logo looks cute, the fare could be
really cheap if you book in advance, the seats are leather and actually quite
comfortable...I actually like this airline a lot!

If we need to do an emergency landing on water, well, that most likely won't
happen in El Paso but...

If you are traveling with a child or with someone who acts like one...

If you have a laptop, or lap children...

I have no idea how long it's gonna hour and a half...or some like that?
Well, don't worry, we'll get there and nobody's gonna get hurt...

Please fasten your seat belts because we’re gonna go really, really fast...

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the cabin...actually we caught a gentleman
smoking the other day and we just threw him out on the wings so that he could's your call...

(for those who are seated by the emergency exits)
We need you guys to help us all evacuate safely when something happends...
hopefully won't but you know, you never know...can you guys handle that?

by chewyY | 2006-09-14 19:06 | Culture
Hollywood Bowl


I went to Hollywood Bowl, largest natural amphitheaters in the world, for the first
time. Its history started in 1922 when Los Angeles Philharmonic performed
in front of the audience seated on simple wooden benches placed on the natural
hillsides. With the current seating capacity of just under 18,000 it presents
the world's greatest musicians and has become a famed Los Angeles cultural
landmark. There are different kind and grade of seats (box, chair and bench)
starting from the closer sections from the stage.


And what's unique about this place is that you can bring whatever you want,
food or drink, to the theater. We brought some wines, cheese and fruits etc.
Under the stars with spectacular lightings on the stage, 4 bands played tonight.
It was so enjoyable that the audience had good attitudes and manners, it was not
cold or hot, just perfect and we enjoyed good wine and was a great
way to wrap up this great summer.

by chewyY | 2006-08-28 15:53 | Culture
part asian ・ 100 % hapa

全米日系人博物館で開催中の写真展「kip fulbeck part asian ・ 100% hapa」 はとても興味深かった。私自身はハッパではないけれど、人種に限らず様々な観点からアイデンティティを自身に問いかけてみる機会になった。「自分とは何なのか?」私は人間。私は女性。私はアジア人。私は日本人。私は・・・


The photographic exhibition titled 'kip fulbeck part asian ・ 100% hapa' at
Japanese American National Museum
was very interesting. I am not hapa but
it prompted meto ask myself my identity not only from ethnicity point of view but
from other aspects as well. "What am I?" I am a human being.
I am a woman. I am an Asian. I am a Japanese. I am...

La mostra fotografica intitolato 'kip fulbeck part asian · 100% hapa' al
Museo Nazionale di Giapponesi-Americani era molto interessante. Non sono
hapa, ma mi ha dato l'opportunità di domandarmi la mia identità, non solo dal
punto di vista della etnicità ma anche dagli altri aspetti. "Che cosa io sono?"
Sono essere umano. Sono una donna. Sono giapponese. Sono...

ha • pa (ha’pa)
adj. Slang. of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or
Pacific Islander ancestry.
n. Slang. a person of such ancestry. [der./Hawaiian: hapa haole.
(half white)]


by chewyY | 2006-07-29 10:24 | Culture

今日は今夏の超人気作 『パイレーツ・オブ・カリビアン -デッドマンズ・チェスト-』 を観た。いかにもディズニーらしい娯楽映画。主役3人が美しい!そして当然だけど、すでに第3作が待ちきれない。映画館の大きなスクリーンで映画を観る楽しさを、改めて実感している今日この頃。

Today I watched "The Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Man's Chest-" the super
popular movie this summer. A typical Disney entertainment movie.
The three main actors are gorgeous! And of course, I'm already inpatient for the
third sequal to come out. These days I realize again how fun it is to watch movies on big screens. (Now playing)

Oggi ho visto "Pirati dei Caraibi -La Maledizione del Forziere Fantasma-" che è super popolare quest'estate. Un film divertente tipico di Disney. Quei tre attori
principali sono belli! E ovviamente, sono già impaziente di vedere il terzo seguito.
In questi ultimi giorni rializzo che è un gran piacere di guardare dei film al cinema. (Al cinema dal 13 settembre in Italia)

by chewyY | 2006-07-20 10:49 | Culture

映画 『スキャナー・ダークリー』 を観た。原作はフィリップ・K・ディックの代表作SF小説。77年当時から見た未来94年のカリフォルニア・オレンジ郡を舞台に、ドラッグ乱用やドラッグカルチャー、政治的に不安定な世の中について描かれている。ちょっと気のめいる内容だけど、原作は読んでみたい。実写にデジタルペイントという手法は、不思議空間を作り出していて面白かったし、重い内容を多少軽く見られた感じで良かった。そしてキアヌ・リーブスはやっぱり美男子。

I watched the film called A Scanner Darkly. The original is a masterpiece science fiction of Philip K. Dick. Written in 1977, it portrays drug abuse, drug culture and
politically unstable world. The scene is laid in Orange County, California in the
future of 1994. A bit depressing story, but I would like to read the original anyway.
The technique of 'degital painting over real image' created a queer atmosphere
which was amusing to me and I liked that it sort of made a heavy subject
somewhat lighter. And, Keanu Reeves is a good-looking guy after all.
(Now playing nationwide, will be released in more cities on July 28th.)

Ho visto il film intitolato A Scanner Darkly. L'originale è un romanzo di
fantascienza di Philip K. Dick. È stato scritto in 1997, descrive il abuso di droga,
la cultura di droga e il mondo politicamente instabile. È ambientato in Orange
County, California nel futuro di 1994. Una storia un po'deprimente, però vorrei
leggere l'originale comunque. La tecnica della 'pittura digitale sulla l'immagine
reale' ha creato un'atmosfera strana che mi ha divertito, e mi è piaciuto che da
questa tecnica una materia seria è risulto un poco più leggero. Keanu Reeves è
sempre bell'uomo.

by chewyY | 2006-07-18 15:36 | Culture