Life is good in LA
by ChewyY
Southwest Airlines


For our Austin trip, we did some research on different airlines and decided to fly
with Southwest Airlines via El Paso which was the shortest fight. Other ones
we would have had to fly up to Denver for transit etc. and I didn't like that.
I had never flown Southwest before and had no expectation...


Their in-cabin announcements were so funny! Those crew members, many of
them in their fifties, dressed with polo shirts, shorts and sneakers give very
casual talk with full of jokes that cracked us up. It was like Disneyland's Jungle
Cruise boat rides. Cutting edge, but I love this kind of attitude. Here are some
good ones I remember. Their new 'LUV heart' logo looks cute, the fare could be
really cheap if you book in advance, the seats are leather and actually quite
comfortable...I actually like this airline a lot!

If we need to do an emergency landing on water, well, that most likely won't
happen in El Paso but...

If you are traveling with a child or with someone who acts like one...

If you have a laptop, or lap children...

I have no idea how long it's gonna hour and a half...or some like that?
Well, don't worry, we'll get there and nobody's gonna get hurt...

Please fasten your seat belts because we’re gonna go really, really fast...

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the cabin...actually we caught a gentleman
smoking the other day and we just threw him out on the wings so that he could's your call...

(for those who are seated by the emergency exits)
We need you guys to help us all evacuate safely when something happends...
hopefully won't but you know, you never know...can you guys handle that?

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Austin Game Conference
テキサス州・オースティンで開催された、Austin Game Conference に出張してきた。

I went on a business trip to the Austin Game Conference. People in the game
industry from all over the world gathered and participated conferences and
discussion sessions. They exchange news and information, introduce new
games or recruit people in the big hall. We went to have a meeting with a
potential future partner and also to look for something new to Japanese market.


といっても私は業界の新米。今回は社長の商談に傍らで耳を傾け、ひたすら勉強の3日間。再来週は1人で東京ゲームショーに出張することもあり、覚えることがたくさんある。頑張らねば。ちなみに親会社が先週、Lord of the Rings Online (ロード・オブ・ザ・リングス・オンライン)のライセンスを取得し、アメリカ子会社である我が社はそのローカリゼーションを担当する。そして私はそのプロジェクト担当となった。今から宣伝します。市場に出たら是非買ってプレイしてください!(ちなみに写真右の司会の女性?は男性です・・・)

But I am a new comer to the industry. This time my boss, the President of the
company did it all and I just listened to his business talks trying to learn it.
I will go to Tokyo Game Show the week after alone so I need to pick up a lot of
things before that. By the way, our parent company in Japan has just signed
the licensing contract for Lord of the Rings Online last week and I am the project
manager for localization part of it.



It was our first time to go to Texas. We had heard that Austin was the capital
of live music. But we didn't feel too comfortable walkind down the main street
downtown...yes the American atmosphere was there but people walking by were
not the nicest and we saw quite a few shabby houses here and there. I'm sure
it's an attractive city as they say but we just didn't have enough time to explore
and enjoy the city.



We ate steak the first night just because we were in Texas. I had only 8 oz.
fillet but my boss went for 20 some oz. giant steak shown. Just looking at it
made him fed up. It was a really good, juicy meat though. The second day
we did Italian (well, American Italina to be exact) and he ordered "12-layer
chocolate cake" just to see how big it is. Again he felt full before touching it (lol).
It was good too, but anyway things are just way too big...


And this is my boss. Our company was just founded at the end of July and
this 32-year-old, brilliant and extremely hard working President is leading us.
Very reliable boss. I feel lucky that I've always had a great boss wherever
I worked at.

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レイバーデイの連休 Labor Day Weekend

My project kicked off in Boston and I will be very busy from now on. And another
business trip to Austin, Texas is coming up on Wednesday so I decided to stay
home and take it easy during this Labor Day weekend.


On Sunday, Andre Agassi's career came to an end in glory. He received a long,
8-minute standing ovation from the crowd who would miss this tennis great.
He burst into tears and gave a unforgettable speech to thank his fans, which
made me cry in sympathy. My dear Rafa is winning right along. His tennis is
always so exciting!


I took Chewy to Redondo Beach Dog Park where we used to go often. Now we
live only 5 minutes away which is great. Chewy, as always, ran around like crazy
and on the way home he immediately fell asleep in the car...


Only now do I realize that it is September already...the winds and the clouds
have got autumnal.
And a year has passed since I began writing this blog. I get tired of things
soon normally, so this is a pretty good run...

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